Trying to make things right

Everytime I look at you, you are taking my breath away.
Teenage dreams to just run away.
Now it’s me who cries.
There is that one that I can’t forget, who stole my heart.
Take me away to never seen, heart away place.
There isn’t a day when my life goes by think of you.
I just stay still and quietly cry.
Now I feel like everything is wrong, I wish you were here.
Trying to make things right.
Now I fall,
still I wish I was safe and not so brave.
I had some dreams about the one that I can’t forget.
All those kisses and beautiful names.
Everytime I see you with him, it hurts,
you are breaking me heart again.
Why are you so far away?
Isn’t enough that I’m hurting now.
You are way too happy for my say.
Isn’t enough I give you all and never saw you cry,
now you laugh like it has been so long.
Why we can’t turn back time and just make it right.
Never been brave and stay safe.
Stay safe with you.
Missing you right now,
I wish you were not so far away.

I will be your promise, our first love

I know some promises ware broken.
Some meant to be that way.
I know you have your story but now we write out future together.
And I won’t go, you will always be with me.
You are the one I needed so desperately for living this moment over and over again.
There are times that no one needs to see us crying threw.
But then again this day gets better and better.
Just put your love in my arms,
don’t be afraid to let it go and fly together to the happy ever.
I know I need you,
like you need me too.
So let’s live it every morning,
over and over till there will be no mornings.
No promises are needed, when you are here.
I’m your promise till death will walk in to this game.
I’m the one you need too, so just hold my hand and let’s do this over and over.
No promises,
I am your promise of the over and over and happy forever.

Run Away and Fly

Drive away,
left that small town behind.
Run away,
not saying why.
Cry and look up the bright blue sky.
Dancing on my own till I lost myself,
till I lost what I left behind.
Not asking why, just riding on the city lights.
I had that moment when you miss something or someone,
I don’t feel it anymore.
What is love?
I don’t bother myself with answering.
What if I scream in a liberty, I just did?
All I can see is the disco light, flashing bright.
That base moving with a rhythm of my heart.
This is my escape.
This is my life.
I threw it all away, now I’m happy.
No questions, no answers.
Just myself and I.
Empty spaces, crowded streets.
Green parks, dry sands.
You think too much,
just let go and fly.
Fly before you fall and die.

Paper Love

I felt trapped right from the start.
I felt that I needed your lie to survive.
Nothing was perfect even when we ware apart.
That’s how our paper love had the start.
I needed love from your part.
You needed destruction, that’s what you left behind.
Our paper love has grown stronger on me, away from you, you ware all I had in my life.
You ware my king,
my strength,
you ware my lie.
One day I needed to go higher,
paper love was on fire.
You watched it burn, blame it all on me,
too much love,
I couldn’t let it go.
Love is just empty words, that what you said leaving me behind.
Say it was my fault, that I loved you too much.
I just wanted to control the fire,
control our paper love, you never knew.
All I had was us and the fear of letting you go.
This time I will make this right,
let it all go,
let the paper love flow.

Dear stranger

Hello my dear stranger.
It’s been a while.
Outside my window there is that familiar silence, just like before the storm we had.
You ware on my mind this morning.
I breathed in all that time,
all that distance.
I wondered are you still dreaming the same way that we use to dream.
It has been one hell of a ride.
You ware not sorry for what have you done.
I apologized for you, one last time.
I was looking around to just see your face,
one last time to see would you still have that love in your eyes.
I have tried to call, but I couldn’t forgive myself.
I have tried to forget and say I’m sorry, but I doubt it would matter anymore.
You have left me in a shallow water, left to drown.
You ware pretending with someone else,
the same love,
different place,
different people.
Goodbye my dear stranger, I don’t want your lies anymore.
Let the sands of time to cover the tracks of our love,
let the storm to turn up the roof, destroy what’s left,
let the silence to forget us.
Tomorrow there is a new love.
Tomorrow there is a new heart.

If you let me be with you

I was still bleeding when I meet you.
I took a shot, a random chance.
I fallow the blood line on the floor.
I looked at you and you stood still,
what was I thinking running away with you.
There was sunlight now there is nothing with you.
I was still dreaming and then I felt the blade going through my heart.
What was I thinking trusting you,
following you to unknown and now is just you,
me behind you trying to catch my breath.
There is no moon light,
just blank and dark space.
I took the gun shot to my head,
but somehow I’m not dead.
There is so many questions when I’m with you,
scary the unknown,
can’t find the meaning of it all.
If you trust me I bring the sun light on our face.
If you trust me there will be no more blood fallowing us till we are dead.
I will bring the moon light and the stars.
Only if you lift your head and look at me,
touch my bleeding heart and just let me be with you.
Stop the bleeding and just let go and let me be with you and I be with you too.
Loving been with you.
Will you be loving me too?