White Soul

Music is filling up my soul, so I can feel something inside.
There has been time when empty words ware all I heard.
I have been with the wrong type of a guy, to fill up my despair.
Your insecure attracted my white soul.
I was not afraid of the words, all I wanted is to be loved and more.
I wish you were not only saying,
I wish I felt those warm words of yours.
Now it’s all left in the night.
And I regret of giving you my heart,
you ware never ready for love.
I have travelled the world to make my life yours, you have never included me in yours.
I have been cold in the bed we shared,
I have been thirsty for love in those rainy days.
Where were you then?
Before I go, I just want you to be sure is all there is, I know.
Before I disappear in the ashes of us, there is something for you to know.
Because I was yours.
I have loved you more then you can imagine.
I have loved you even more.
So now be sure, that’s the last time you see me or my white soul.
Now I will find my strength and fly away in the south of the world, somewhere where is warm in the night.
Somewhere where I be ready to love again.
Just let it all out and reburn.

102 Things that I love about my boyfriend, Dennis

102 Things that I love about my boyfriend, Dennis
1. The sound he makes when he is happy with himself.
2. That he lets me play with his phone every single time there is an update for it.
3. His special omlets.
4. That he watches with me movies, even when he doesn’t like them.
5. When he’s concentrated he sucks on his thumb.
6. When he sings, even tho he’s no close to Eurovision
7. His passion for languages.
8. When he tries to speak Polish.
9. They way he treat the dog and the cat, like children.
10. The scary way he drives.
11. His ambition to always be better.
12. His love for Cork.
13. The way he cooks Chilli con carne.
14. When he argues with me until he realizes I’m right.
15. His ability to adapt to any situation or a place.
16. When he does his hand dance move.
17. His Irish accents impressions.
18. His ability to let people know he doesn’t like them in very distinct eye movement.
19. How his hair is always perfect but he hates it.
20. The way he can be over protective of me.
21. His passion for travel, even to Russia
22. When he tries to speak Swedish.
23. When his whole face smiling.
24. His chicken like laugh.
25. His obsession with books.
26. His love for flip flops.
27. When he rolls his tongue.
28. How much he loves animals.
29. His ability to go to the store and just buy what’s on the list.
30. The way he helps me in the kitchen.
31. When he helps out with the drinks, while we have guest.
32. That he speaks fluent Irish.
33. His love of Easter.
34. He loves the Eurovision.
35. His love for Polish Food.
36. The way he learns sentences from Magda Gessler, “dlaczego wy trujecie ludzi?”.
37. His love from foreign films.
38. His love for reading books and that he still tries me to convince to start reading.
39. That he is an amazing teacher.
40. His sense of justice and fairness.
41. The way he runs.
42. How he needs to sit on the specific side of the train.
43. His RTÉ bag, now it’s mine
44. How he can be ready in 3 min to leave the house.
45. His curly hair.
46. His intelligence.
47. That he’s a quick learner.
48. The way he leaves me little notes in the morning.
49. How he doesn’t care about phones, networks, tablets and Windows.
50. His love that he has for me.
51. His little poems.
52. The freakish length of his tongue.
53. That he trusts me with fashion and cosmetics.
54. His freckles.
56. His knowledge of Spanish.
57. His love for big cities.
58. A wonderful love for outdoors.
59. That he loves TED videos.
60. When he sings in Polish, szmata kurwa jestes…
61. The way he loves Sparkie.
62. His cuddles.
63. The way he helps me at the bonfire.
64. His obsession with Barcelona.
65. That he pronounces Barcelona correctly.
66. His smoothies.
67. That he trusts my décor skills.
68. When he said he doesn’t like Bones but then secretly love it.
69. His little grammar mistakes in Polish.
70. His geography skills.
71. His love for Golden Girls.
72. How he plans out future together.
73. He dislikes Apple too.
74. That he hates and love pineapples in the same time.
75. Not having any addictions.
76. The ability to relax even when everything around is in a chaos.
77. That he can nap and then sleep with no problems at night.
78. His love for coffee.
79. That he’s responsible with money.
80. His little surprises.
81. His imagination and that always touches the ground.
82. His knowledge of what’s happening in the world.
83. That he trusts me with his passwords.
84. That he doesn’t care about Facebook.
85. That he loves twitter.
86. That he motivates me to do even more with my life.
87. The way he tries to teach me senesces in many languages.
88. The way he corrects my grammar mistakes.
89. When he writes a poem and doesn’t shows me until is perfect, in his eyes.
90. When he speaks Polish to me, that he learns himself.
91. Our little arguments about technology.
92. That he lifts me up on my bad days.
93. That he understands me and knows my needs.
94. When he goes to the store and buy me something that I was talking about ages ago.
95. The way he takes up all the bed cover to make his cocoon.
96. That sometimes he doesn’t say anything even when he knows I’m wrong.
97. That he doesn’t care what people think.
98. His bravery, makes me proud.
99. That I can learn from him about life and people.
100. When I’m sick, he takes care of me.
101. When he says I will be always part of his family no matter what.
102.That he wont kill me after I just erase all his data from the phone after an update. *fingers crossed*

Must Watch

This is a perfect example how some people use cover up of their religion to shows their true nature and violence.
BIG hug to Daniel!
I wish actions like that ware not happening anymore in the modern world.


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All those green fields.
That Rain and strong winds.
The raw looks on your horizon.
Warm hearts, which will never pass me while in pain.
All those conversations with the moon.
All those runs on the beach.
Night by the fire that kept us warm.
All that humour,
all those laughs,
all those nights full of crack.
Drinking night with one point, sure we be grand.
I’m missing all your perfect imperfections.
High rocks,
dancing tunes,
acoustic singers.
Sense that doesn’t make any sense.
Smiles that never disappears, even in the pouring rain.
I miss all those friends of ours,
one big family when we are equal and go on, have a tea.
Ooo, how you understand me,
how you hugged me in those cold nights to sleep.
My home,
my resting place.

Jeff Buckley, I know It’s over

Sometimes it might feel like the whole world is falling down, but we have to stand up and keep going. For us and for those who loves us, even when they don’t say it that often.

I came across of this song today, it speaks to me and I hope it will speak to you too.