I’m standing naked in the snow,
no one to protect me,
no one to take me home.
Homeless me,
homeless is my heart.
I don’t trust invitations to anyone’s home.
I have started this journey long time ago and now it’s time to make amends.
Naked as I have nothing to offer,
I know one day I won’t be on my own.
So don’t ask me, am I ok?
How was my day?
This is my fight to freedom.
I’m standing against the wind,
all the rocks,
all the flowers.
There might be tears in my eyes, but I’m a human too.
There has been smiles,
there has been lonely night cries.
I have nothing to hide,
I’m fragile,
naked on my own.
What you see, there is all to give,
nothing except me.
I’m naked, just stop asking why.
Just hold me,
stop the tears,
let them dry.

I Wonder

Laying in the dark alone tonight and I wonder.
Would I let go of the dreams we shared,
I wonder.
If you didn’t have to see me walking away, would you stop me,
I wonder.
You have to see that I’m not the same any more,
open your eyes,
wake up and stop this charade.
I wonder would love me till the end of time, go crazy, never let go.
There are nights that I feel your touch on my skin.
I don’t need to imagine it, it could just be.
I wonder if I feel the life if I walk away and be the one to let go.
I wonder if the light in the sky ware gone,
would you love me like I was the last one to shine bright.
I just don’t want to be alone tonight,
touching myself in the dark.
I wonder if my heart didn’t have scars will I be the one I am tonight.
What if I just go,
I wonder how it is to feel alive, not looking back.
Just I want love and not wonder.
Not the one to go.
Just not been alone tonight.
I wonder.

Tick, tick, tock

I have been day dreaming about where tomorrow goes.
I have been filthy just thinking of you.
Never knew how far you can fly, discovering new lands of our hands.
I’m walking like around the clock.
Tick, tick, tock.
I didn’t need a reason to walk and lie,
lie to myself that I still love him not you.
Baby I was not looking for it,
why are you still fallowing me?
I just sit here and watch them come and go, that’s my love life when I please.
It’s almost time to meet me under the night disguise.
Come and I fill you up,
like a clock, making tick, tick, tock.
Don’t give me a lie so I walkway and cry.
Don’t be like the last one,
I’m too old to play a game and run.
I’m walking like a tick, tick, tock making you blush.
I’m walking tick, tock this love doesn’t have a clock.
I have been saving all my time, all my best for you.
Like tick, tick, tock.
It always had been only you.
Tick, tick, tock and you.

Autumn of lies

The time has come to be on my own.
Hand break is on,
red light flashing bright.
No more of you and I.
Looking for my way out from the forest of your lies.
Who we are, who are you?
Dreams of you and I turn in to dust left in this empty apartment.
Stone lays in the place where my heart use to be,
you made me stronger,
your lies opened my eyes.
You and I ware ruling this world, now destruction is taking all down.
I saw this moment in your eyes the first time you lied.
I saw nothing in your tears,
stage play, and another lie.
I’m taking down,
I’m running away from our life.
I need to save my life before I die.
There will be time for loving.
There will be time for another to lie.
Not today,
I’m running away.

The Storm

I have been rocking in that storm for too long to remember the sun.
I just can’t stop to think what we could have been.
I have been isolated,
degraded to someone who he wanted me to be.
I’m only human, so I fall down,
hit the ground but today I swim away.
There was a rain,
flying stones and wind that never stopped.
Today I’m on my journey home,
even everything we had is lost.
I found my universe,
guided by the stars,
won’t fall down.
The wind has pass, now I’m the one who survived the storm.
I got out from a very deep ocean that some might call love.
You are my guiding star, nothing will bring the storm back in to my life.
Slowly drifting into the starts made for us.
You ware lost, so was I.
We were holding back to the past, it beaten us down.
Now is just a solid ground, journey that we will never know.
Universe of stars and we won’t fall down.
We won’t be beaten down.

I’m done thinking

The time is something we don’t have.
Miles away I know that you cry because you are alone,
I’m not walking away.
Stay strong and tall,
don’t give up on life.
don’t give up on me.
The truth is that I can’t be on your mind all the time.
You will be sorry, so don’t make me worry anymore.
Don’t tell me that you know how it hurts to be lost at night without candle light.
Don’t tell me that you know how to love when you never loved in life.
You are my friend, my dream guy,
something more could be a trouble and we both have to hide it.
I use to understand when you ware sorry, now it’s just simple pain.
In time world will change,
no more worries,
not us, we stay the same.
Candles on the wind, never burn down.
So this is how it feels like, to be so close and so far away once again.
The light is always changing, don’t travel in too deep,
come and say hi once again.
We had our moment, as now it fades away,
you brought floods of thoughts in to my life.
World is build on love, find your empire.
This is just the beginning.