If you let me be with you

I was still bleeding when I meet you.
I took a shot, a random chance.
I fallow the blood line on the floor.
I looked at you and you stood still,
what was I thinking running away with you.
There was sunlight now there is nothing with you.
I was still dreaming and then I felt the blade going through my heart.
What was I thinking trusting you,
following you to unknown and now is just you,
me behind you trying to catch my breath.
There is no moon light,
just blank and dark space.
I took the gun shot to my head,
but somehow I’m not dead.
There is so many questions when I’m with you,
scary the unknown,
can’t find the meaning of it all.
If you trust me I bring the sun light on our face.
If you trust me there will be no more blood fallowing us till we are dead.
I will bring the moon light and the stars.
Only if you lift your head and look at me,
touch my bleeding heart and just let me be with you.
Stop the bleeding and just let go and let me be with you and I be with you too.
Loving been with you.
Will you be loving me too?

Midnight dreams

In my midnight dreams I end up watching you sleeping under the clear sky.
So pure, but yet I can see you dreaming yet another lie.
I don’t want a compromise.
I want a dream with flying and full of stars skies.
I caught you whipping on the phone to yet another guy.
Don’t you remember how did hurt the last time?
Was it worth all of those lonely cries?
I needed you when the doors weren’t open,
I give you the key.
Where is it now?
Where are you now that my eyes are open?
I found another planet, under a minute.
Randomizing all the needs and dreams,
it’s easier when someone else is paying.
In my midnight dreams I walked hundred miles,
tried to find you, but I don’t need you.
Changed my course twice.
I open all the doors let the light in,
I let the air clear the dark sky.
I took the road with rainbow colours,
found myself happy again.
I lost couple of turns, but I’m here now.
In my midnight dreams I wonder what the point of wonder is.
Why won’t we just go and show what we are made off at the start.
This is me,
random dreams.
I woke up and I’m still here for you.
Just tell me how I can let you go?
Would you even know if I go?

Run away

I have been stuck inside for way too long.
I just want to go out and get that sudden feeling.
Not looking back,
driving all night with me and you,
street lights.
Let the wind mess up your hair,
you are perfect that way.
No clouds on the sky,
just lights of the city.
I want you to take me,
run away with me.
Never let me go and just run away with me,
not looking back, l
est make this never ending weekend.
I have been waiting for too long,
so take me with you,
till city lights go out.
Till our only way would be the stars over our heads.
Run away with me,
love me,
kiss me and forget about yesterday.
Now is the time,
this is our weekend.
Don’t be stuck and let’s just go and start living.

An open door

I woke in an empty bed,
I couldn’t move and no place to call home.
I woke up thinking was the love I have is no more.
I looked outside the window and I have started the storm.
No more silent tears,
I have been broken down now I’m alive, more connected.
You can say that I won’t make in this big big world but I’m not scared anymore.
I’m more alive that I have been ever before.
I’m running no more, facing every day with the smile that I missed for so long.
I was unsure that love could be an open door,
that happiness is not only a fairy tale that no one beehives no more.
You are my last hope,
my strength.
I’m no longer invisible,
critical laying on the floor,
push around like I don’t matter at all.
Now I’m someone who can see the sun,
always somewhere an open door.
Where to now?

My heart is alive now.

There is a fault in my head, that I like to believe makes me see the things people no longer believe in.
It’s making me love, believe in all the good.
That was then.
Everyone thinks I’m long dead now, could not have been more alive.
I have traveled the world,
walked the streets,
sometimes it felt like I’m all alone.
I have covered my head, closed my heart, make them cry and go.
There was a patch I was scared to see,
there was a love that I was scared to fell.
It’s all in the past now.
This is now.
My heart is alive,
making me smile,
making me sing.
I walk in the light, not hiding in the dark.
I’m open for love, not hiding in the shadows.
Like the old Hollywood making romance the new now.
My heart is alive now.