Not the same road

I just wanted us to live the same life.
You and I running into the sunrise.
I just want you to know,
even when it’s raining tonight.
I have your back till one day there is our time.
You and I walking on the same line.
Even when you are not here tonight,
I can feel your touch running threw my thighs.
There was that time when everything was all right,
now we can’t see the same light.
I want you to know,
this is just the time I need to go.
So just tell me lies,
make me smile.
If there was just another door,
you and I would take the same road.
Now I just want you to know,
love does not lie.
Walking away,
finding my road.
This is my time.

Loosing my senses

I saw that spark in your eyes.
I felt that fire burning me from the inside out.
I heard your whisper calming me down at night.
I could still smell your perfume in the morning.
Your touch still lingers on me.
Your love is bigger than I could ever dream off.
There is that something in your eyes.
I’m losing my control, when you smile.
I’m losing the track of time, when I think of you.
I think I have said too much.
The love,
it’s bigger when he is just looking at me.
Maybe I just didn’t said enough.
I turn around and I think I saw him, heard him laughing.
It’s like I’m losing my ground, all the senses drives me mad.
Don’t let me wake up, even if this is just a dream.
I want all the things and more with you.
Maybe it’s just too much, or not enough.
But I just a thought,
no it’s just the wind whispers.

Lost paradise

Stay, it’s not yet the time.
Stay, just for one more moment.
Angel fall apart.
That little whisper is holding me down.
Lost in the dark land you have created and call it your heart.
Lost in the jungle of lies.
Words, they all meant nothing to you when you replaced me so quickly.
You lied before I even woke up.
You lied to me when you hold me in your arms and whisper so softly, I love you.
It all means nothing today,
I’m walking away from that place you called paradise.
Walking, I’m so lonely.
Now this is the new start.
The angel that have raised and just lost his heart.
I have destroyed the map to your heard,
broke all the chains that has hold me back.
I’m so alive, walking away, playing my part.
Now this is life.
Green mystic island, this is where I will find my heart.

When you turn off the lights

When you turn off the lights, we both wondering around in this dark room.
When you turn off the lights, all emotions are borrowed.
When you turn off the lights, you get that one last chance to hold me, kiss me till the morning.
When you turn off the lights, I dream about the travel in the sky.
We both had this sad morning, when you walked away, no cry would make you stay.
We both shared our sorrows, drifting away like a bad dream in the middle of the night.
When I look into your eyes, somehow I get to forget about my misery, my sorrow.
Will I get to survive till the morning?
Forgetting about one last kiss.
I need brand new cure for that loving.
Let’s just turn off the lights till the tomorrow won’t hurt my head.
Turn them off, wake me up when it’s a better day.
Now I have given you all you wanted, now it’s time to forget.
So don’t turn on the lights.
I gave you all what you liked.
I guess I will never learn, end up in the room with empty bottles.
Another not finished cigarette.
Is it love? Must be as it hurts when I try to forget.
So leave now and don’t turn on the lights.

Chat with myself

I have been drifting away, seen the world.
I have been living for someone’s dreams, not mine.
I couldn’t relax,
I kept thinking about the past.
That moment has passed, it all came to me.
It made me feel like I’m missing the real me.
I have lost what was in me for someone else.
I have found now what I have been searching for, in my mirror.
In myself I had the chat, about love and the road we have to take to find it all.
I had the chat how to be happy.
I have found the happiness in myself.
I never thought I could be happy.
Yesterday is melting away.
I’m making my new road, as it goes.
Will travel one last time.
Will appreciate all the little things on my way.
It’s time I will be happy, on my own.
Don’t need a company to satisfy myself.
I have found what I’m living for.
The land when it could be cold, living on the cost.
Just happy.

It suppose to be right

I don’t want to think what we could have, questioning the reasons in life.
That’s how I spend most of my life.
I don’t want to look in to your eyes.
Its ok, but it suppose to be right.
I thank you for the little love I found, for the fun we had.
I just needed to catch my heart, won’t let it run away.
You let me see into my soul and never let go.
This is my life.
Waking me up, that was the whole purpose of this show.
It’s not ok, I’m not there yet.
Saying goodbye, letting you go.
Maybe one day you wake up thinking that could have been your life.
So catch that last kiss, it’s so simple now.
There is no turning back.
I’m addicted to the love he had,
lost land that he didn’t even know.
His pure eyes that in my dreams I drift around.
You help me see the beauty in me.
Woke up now, it’s time to go.
Before you break my heart, play with my life.
Its ok, it suppose to be right.