Love lies

I don’t know why,
I let you deceive me.
Telling me a lie,
a lie after a lie.
You said I was your freedom,
your happiness.
Now you don’t need me.
I didn’t fail to feel how your love lies.
I was afraid of nothing, when we had each other.
I can see why,
why you though I was so easy.
It’s not so hard to please me.
Tell me a lie,
let’s play the cards one more time.
We were scared of nothing, nothing was real.
I’m old enough to see it in your eyes,
why I never noticed it in your smile?
That’s how the love lies,
covered with smiles.
I know it’s hard, so hard to be real for once.
I know what have you done, I let you lie.
That’s how love lies,
covered with kisses.
Run for the past, till we can still feel it.
Run for tomorrow when love lies once again.
Till we find it in us.

The devil in me

Broken with no turning back.
Unbroken, I don’t need to get undressed to show you what I got inside.
I won’t sell my soul to make you happy.
I won’t change myself to feed your filthy mind.
You won’t make me do it.
You standing there thinking you are on top of that food chain, well you heaven meet me yet.
I’m your biggest threat.
No guilty conscious when I’m turning back on you.
No regrets for heaven that I have showed you.
One day you will miss me and the devil in me.
The angel that has lifted you up, when low is all what you had.
I don’t need your approval,
I’m free to express myself.
Maybe just go and fake it with your new ho.
The devil in me is taking over.
leaving into the future doors.
They are open.

Angels cry

They have stopped every clock,
they won’t let me say goodbye.
This afterlife is nothing like it first seam.
I can’t see you now,
it can’t be truth that I won’t be able to sleep at night.
It can’t be true that I won’t be able to hug you when you cry.
All the tears have dried, this is my life and you have to say good bye too.
They have taken me away from you,
every day is harder to remember your smell.
Your touch on my skin in the morning.
I can’t remember.
You are my angel,
saviour that made me to be real me.
Don’t let go,
when your hope dies that’s when I stop existing.
When you forget, that’s when I get lost and even resisting won’t stop those tears of an angel.
I fall in love with your smile.
I fall in love with laughter.
This isn’t heaven when you are not here.
I won’t let go, you are my other half of the soul.
Don’t let go.
I don’t want to go.
Why am I here?
I don’t want to fly without you near me.
My love, I’m waiting.
Don’t do this,
don’t let go,
not like this.

Our light

Sitting alone in the night,
looking at the small spot of the light.
It’s quiet, more than quiet is the night.
You lost your way, the now has just begun.
Calling your name,
Why won’t you come?
Just take my hand, we draw new road for you and me.
There has been pain,
tears for what has been lost.
We both have been there, but life is short.
Just take my hand, leave the dark.
Take my hand and let me lead the way.
I know you are scared so am I,
together we can fight threw the dark.
Into the light we go.
This is the beginning of something we only dreamed of.
Take my hand and never let go.
Till the end of everything we know.
Never let you go.

When it gets dark

When it gets dark.
When you get lost on yesterdays patch.
When dreams we had brought us down to the ground.
When you need me, just call my name.
I have loved you till our light went out.
I have been there threw the storm you started.
I have cried ocean deep just to show how much I care.
We have been lost before.
What’s so different now?
I have heard it all, now let me walk till the dark take over the light.
My heart is broken once again.
My eyes are open more than your lies can take.
I have been your strength.
I have been your life.
When you realise what went wrong, I will be long gone.
When my dreams won’t become yours anymore, that’s when you are all alone.
When you get lost, you realise I’m not alone.


We were meant to be immortal,
living till the end of time,
like nothing or no one will break us apart.
Our yesterday is chasing me,
I don’t know can I hide for much longer.
We were meant to last forever,
watching everyone saying their goodbyes.
Will I remember that moment, when time will come and it will be time to say goodbye?
I’m not the one to make you cry, but it’s time I die.
No longer immortal, but our fire will never die,
burn till flames reach the sky.
I’m not afraid to walk away and die, say goodbye to the life we had.
I’m not afraid to sleep and die, dream about the blue sky.
I don’t want to make you cry,
this is the goodbye.
I’m no longer immortal, neither are you.
There was a time when you were here.
Now it’s just me dying looking at your picture one last time,
having our last conversation.
Will you be there when I arrive so our immortal will come back to life?
Will you remember me beautiful like in the day you got lost in my eyes?
Will you love me like the day you died?
If I could buy us one minute so you can be still alive.
I’m coming to you,
our immortal will be remembered.
Our immortal will lead us to the stars.
Like none of us ever died.