An open door

I woke in an empty bed,
I couldn’t move and no place to call home.
I woke up thinking was the love I have is no more.
I looked outside the window and I have started the storm.
No more silent tears,
I have been broken down now I’m alive, more connected.
You can say that I won’t make in this big big world but I’m not scared anymore.
I’m more alive that I have been ever before.
I’m running no more, facing every day with the smile that I missed for so long.
I was unsure that love could be an open door,
that happiness is not only a fairy tale that no one beehives no more.
You are my last hope,
my strength.
I’m no longer invisible,
critical laying on the floor,
push around like I don’t matter at all.
Now I’m someone who can see the sun,
always somewhere an open door.
Where to now?

My heart is alive now.

There is a fault in my head, that I like to believe makes me see the things people no longer believe in.
It’s making me love, believe in all the good.
That was then.
Everyone thinks I’m long dead now, could not have been more alive.
I have traveled the world,
walked the streets,
sometimes it felt like I’m all alone.
I have covered my head, closed my heart, make them cry and go.
There was a patch I was scared to see,
there was a love that I was scared to fell.
It’s all in the past now.
This is now.
My heart is alive,
making me smile,
making me sing.
I walk in the light, not hiding in the dark.
I’m open for love, not hiding in the shadows.
Like the old Hollywood making romance the new now.
My heart is alive now.

I was a king

Live has been good lately, Ireland is amazing! It feels great to be back :)

“I was a king under your control…
I wanna feel like you’ve let me go
So let me go…”

the Smile

I want to hold your hand in the night like this, when my tears are dropping on my hearts sleeve.
Just close my eyes and dreaming about the future that love can bring.
I would lie if I said that I don’t miss your smile.
And I’m wishing you were here,
right next to me,
cuddling me to sleep,
keeping me warm,
till the sun comes and wakes us both.
It’s like we belong,
so far away, yet so near.
I have loved before and it suddenly melted away,
so I hope you will stay here for good.
So don’t walk away,
I’m here for sure and I’m waiting for your call,
another smile to get me by.
Smile that I would give away my heart to.

Sad goodbye

I’m standing here alone waiting for my train,
taking my last journey,
meeting my ends,
there is no time for goodbyes.
I watched you grow,
you have now become someone else.
I thought you were the one,
but then again I know nothing,
this is the end.
I give you love,
now here it comes the pain,
I was wishing all the stars for us.
Here comes now,
this is the goodbye.
Everything goes out the window, as I’m no longer welcome here anymore.
Watching the clouds going by,
I can’t turn back.
I need to move on, love one day will come and I won’t be alone.
But right now I’m wishing we might be friends one day.
Now comes the rain, like the drama could not get any better.
So I close my eyes, try to remember that there is always light in the end.
I will love, so will you some day.
We meet and we will laugh about this sad goodbye.
Don’t look for me, this is my heart speaking, you are not living here anymore.