Game of Three, Three, Three

Even in a thick fog,
in the empty silence.
I can hear you,
how you calling my name.
I don’t want to be alone.
Show me how to love you.
Yes, it’s me, me, me.
I’m the one who feels the pain, pain, pain.
In this dark morning I’m looking for you, you, you.
Show me your face, stop hiding and end this game.
I will be still searching you, till you come here.
I’m here, here, here.
Even when this is hurting me, when you are not calling my me, just his.
I be waiting till you start loving me.
In the golden cage, like a bird that can’t fly.
I will sing till you remind yourself of me.
All night and all day, till you surrender to me.
I break this glass ball in to two, two, two.
The darkness won’t take the whole of me.
I still hear your voice in my head,
it’s him, him, him.
The one who feels the pain, pain, pain.
Again we are playing that charade.
The one, when I’m lost looking for you.
Are you looking for me too?
Where are you?
I’m here, here, here.
Now you look for me, just like I searched for you too,
in the dark,
in the fog,
in the locked golden cage.
You are there not me, me.
I will be waiting here.
Why you are still there screaming: it’s you, you, you.
The one who broke my heart.
The one who was afraid to love, love, love.
The one who felt guilty.
Why are we playing this game?
Why I’m not yours and you are not mine?
You know how much I love you, so there should be just us two, two.
The rest could be a history.
Two till the end.
Not three, three, three.
It’s only you and me, so come here and love me too.
I will love you.
End this game of three, three, three.
Just we.
Just me and no delirium, so we can be free.

Waiting for nothing

They said, this can be the brand new start.
I won’t be waiting for nothing,
I lived in the shadows of what we ware.
I am the broken parts.
I’m walking home, following another lie.
I thought I can break this spell.
All those years of hearing someone else saying: No.
The clock is making a noise for the midnight.
I’m walking through the window,
broken glass on the floor,
ignoring the sound of your cry.
I wished for the bright light.
Shadows made me empty.
Shadows you create, now it’s your turn to cry.
Again, again and another time again.
You are still winning.
How this is fair?
When the light shines bright,
I will walk away and live the life I dreamed of.
With the stars so bright, I will never be afraid.
When I will stop loving you and the night gets cold,
I walk away from the shadows.
All I need is me, nothing with you.
My best friend, where are you?
When you need me, show me the way.
I’m done waiting for nothing.


I woke up like this, thinking it was just a dream.
Then I remembered it was just another lost fight.
Against all your lies.
Against your love.
Thinking it’s the time for a change.
One question has remained,
who is he and what time it will be over, this game?
I wish I could believe there is something more on the other side.
Maybe there would be a way to end this charade.
This darkness has brought me down,
I don’t think I can win this fight.
We are supposed to be human, think again.
Loot at us, there is nothing more to be changed.
We are standing on our ruins.
You have broken my heart and make my life to just go away.
You can say that you are stronger and I will make you feel alive again, what about me?
Look at me, this is the change you have made.
I’m not a human,
I’m a rock that was left alone in the rain.
Don’t tell me this is time for a change.
There is nothing human about things you have done to me and then looked away.
There is no more love remained.
This is not human.
Look at me not him and leave, just walk away.
Human, let me live.
How can you still live a lie?
No light on the other side.

I lost it, you are still here

I can’t breathe.
I think I lost my mind.
All those emotions breaking me down now.
I wish I could read your mind,
young and beautiful wonderland.
You have mess up my game,
all those plans I had.
I have lost it all to you.
You ware all my beginning and now it’s the ending.
How many times I have said that before you are the only one?
How many times I have to show you that I love you too?
My head it’s underwater but you make it all right.
In the middle of a night,
I wake up,
thinking all of its gone.
I wish I could just turn back time,
let you go,
be all right.
We went for a journey, now it’s over.
That place only we know, made us complete.
I can’t believe, it all make sense now.
Something that you left behind.
I leave it now too.
I was here.
I was in love.
I breathe.
You ware loving me too.
I have given it all, now it all lost.
I want to say so many words, why I can’t even when I try.
I was here, so ware we.
Our love,
our need to be something than just ordinary.
I have it all and now it’s all gone.
Why won’t you let it go?
Why you keep calling my name?
You won,
I have lost.
Love is a losing game.
No more confidence.

Fear of loosing the light

In the shadows of the night, I dream about the light.
Distant star, so bright.
I look at it every night wanting to fly away.
Different life that I use to know,
familiar faces I use to greet.
In my life I live from a dream to dream, waking up to dark and wet reality.
Only if love could make miracles happen, then I would dream without the end.
What is the life I have, prisoner of my own mind.
I wish I have made some mistakes, then I could learn from them,
I wish someone listen and make my dream come true.
Just this one.
I wish I wake up on that star, that never sleeps.
Live on that star so it will bring me back to life,
take me out of my limbo,
sad reality,
make everything better.
One day, that wish will come true.
I have to believe it.
Hope is all I have left.
Dreams are my break from the reality.