End of story.

I have doubted my mind.
I have been punishing myself for your fake sorry.
I have fallen,
I have survived.
But now when the sky is dark again,
I wish those things ware never real.
And now there is no mistakes,
No accidents,
No more lies,
Pure love that is feeding me.
The only one left standing will be me.
I will survive.
I have meet my angels,
I won’t fall again.
I will transform.
When vulchers are waiting for my defeat.
I won’t let them feed on me.
Whispers and those fake smiles.
Think no mistake,
I will succeed and you be alone once again.
Like this is my wining price.
There was a good time, but then I woke up.
I saw all your lies.
Your whispering behind my heart.
Why you having so little faith?
When history will repeat is self again.
And it will.
This time it will be me who laughs at those accidents of his.
Of those lies that he feeds you.
Of those whispers that you will hear.
But you won’t rise, to feed my pain this time.
There will be no again.
I won’t be there to pick up your pieces.
Drink the poison that you create.
Bring sun to dark skies that surrounds you so well.
Think again, because I know what’s coming.
This will be my victory.
This will be my final rise.


Some secrets should be remained untold.
Some love must be sour, to feel the taste of real one.
We devote ourselves to things that do not matter.
Devine devotion.
The poison of our minds.
I can keep a secret, even when I know it could hurt us just to be.
Does it matter?
We all got hurt by love, we all learn to trust in despair.
Some secrets should be shared.
Some love must be sweet to miss the sour taste of jealousy.
In devotion I sacrifice myself.
What we miss?
The cross of misunderstanding and the problems we don’t share, but we all have.
Devotion to what hurts us and to the truth that remain untold.


We might fall down when the night will come, but we will rise when the sun goes up.
On the deep waters of the ocean it’s so easy to lose yourself and all of that what is around us.
It’s so easy to call people friends when they don’t even know you.
In the windy nights, I go against it.
In the smooth mornings I get bored quickly and turn around.
I’m gonna scream loudly to break the silence.
Kick few things down, mess it all around.
I go down to the bar, maybe cry a little.
Tomorrow I rise, tonight I fight for the bright skies.
For the loved ones who are not here,
for the friends that are forgotten,
for the lovers that thought love was everything.
I won’t look back, but when I do, I share a tear or two.
For the memories of you, him and you.
We might be fallen, but not broken.
We might be lonely, but not forgotten.
We might be hated, but not beaten down.
We are human, love is our passion.
Mary me.
Kiss me.
Kill me tomorrow.
But now let’s enjoy the show.

Just let me down.

If those things you say are true,
then I walk around the world till you change your mind and get back on my knees.
If you are not the one for me,
then I rather be unhappy than lonely.
I hate the idea of been free,
so start holding me the way lovers’ doo.
It’s so cold out here,
in our little love nest.
I want you to keep up and stop been so reckless.
If you walk away with him,
then I fallow you till you understand that I’m the one who’s loving you much more.
Tell me who was there when no one was listening?
Tell me who was there when dreams came crashing down?
If you will walk away that door,
go quickly.
If you say that you don’t love me,
say it quietly.
Just let me down and walk away quickly.
I will love one day more than your imagination can reach.
It those dreams are true, then I’m alone out here.
But that’s just all water under the bridge.