My pure heart, I do.

Pure heart,
welcome back.
My pure heart,
fighting again alone against the dark.
And I will stand here forever.
I will support you till the light won’t be able to fight the dark.
And I love you,
I do.
My pure heart, all the trouble you put me threw.
I won’t let go,
I won’t give up,
I won’t turn black like some might think, I do.
Pure heart,
I’m sorry for the pain I might have caused, now I know it was nothing at all.
I loved like it was meant to be forever, even when I know, I didn’t.
This time it’s true,
I love you, my heart, my pure soul.
I do.
There were moments when I thought, love and you aren’t true.
But I know that if you willing to forgive me, we might love someone together again.
I do believe, it’s true.
We can rule our world forever, you and I, my pure heart.
Open bright, against the dark.
I won’t let it be just me.
Now its forever me and you.
Pure heart, you are me and I am you.

This Time

Take me somewhere where we can be safe.
Stand and hold my hand.
Be on the edge, would it change a thing?
Look in the mirror and tell me what do you see?
Is it a familiar face or someone telling you where and how to be?
Drive and don’t look back, loose connection with all those things we use to be.
Let’s feel alive again, just you and I.
It’s hurting me like a dynamite this time apart, loneliness that never stops.
Would it be great to feel loved again.
Lost in the corridors of daily routine and some things are still unclear,
What is true here and now?
Some things are just never ending, understand.
Why does it have to feel so strange?
I just want to be loved again.
End the never ending and stop pretending.
I use to know that face that looked back at me, now I just can’t see how am I in this place.
Just love again, just love. Every single time I look at you, looking at me.
Somethings will never end, like the memory of you and I.
Things can change, just be yourself again.
Now it’s not so clear, but just separate me, here and now.
Go on and find me somehow.

Imperfectly perfect

Waking up in the world of you and me.
Nothing is perfect,
not even our dreams,
not even you and me.
I think of those lost days,
I keep counting them in my head.
I can’t sleep.
You are keep repeating my mistakes,
I fight back.
That’s our vision of imperfect,
perfect dreams.
We have tried to create illusion if things that doesn’t exist.
I won’t pretend that everything is perfect in the imperfect me.
You are the one that doesn’t see the dark sea.
Every time I fight with the storm,
earthquake comes.
Sometimes it’s better to stop fighting the wind and fly away,
somewhere far away till you fall down.
Into the imperfect, perfect world of you and me.
Yet again we end up here.
There is a star that makes it all into our shapes of blue,
the big blue that make sure that perfect is imperfect.
So we wake up again tomorrow in the same story,
of imperfections clashing with our dreams.
But they are ours so don’t say that they are not perfect.
They are just like you and me.
Imperfectly perfect.

Just stay

I have been on the bottom ,
I wanted to quit the show.
I have walked all those miles to find the true love.
I have prayed,
tried to make love feel better.
I have walked away from the pain.
I have seen happiness and got scared,
I’m still here.
I’m tired of been the only reason you want me to stay.
Why won’t we cut this shit and just walk away?
Maybe I have a pretty face, but will this make you to stay?
I have woken up from this nightmare so I just need you to stay.
Make everything better,
tell me I’m the good one, the one who will stay.
I have been here before I know there is no other way.
I have tried all the love and game trick to win this.
Still lost in the way.
Should I just run before is too late and I lose out on the next one.
I have tried to stay, making sure I can make this better.
I have cried, they still went away.
All I want is the good one.
Please stay.
I don’t have much left,
will you want me to just be, stay?

End of story.

I have doubted my mind.
I have been punishing myself for your fake sorry.
I have fallen,
I have survived.
But now when the sky is dark again,
I wish those things ware never real.
And now there is no mistakes,
No accidents,
No more lies,
Pure love that is feeding me.
The only one left standing will be me.
I will survive.
I have meet my angels,
I won’t fall again.
I will transform.
When vulchers are waiting for my defeat.
I won’t let them feed on me.
Whispers and those fake smiles.
Think no mistake,
I will succeed and you be alone once again.
Like this is my wining price.
There was a good time, but then I woke up.
I saw all your lies.
Your whispering behind my heart.
Why you having so little faith?
When history will repeat is self again.
And it will.
This time it will be me who laughs at those accidents of his.
Of those lies that he feeds you.
Of those whispers that you will hear.
But you won’t rise, to feed my pain this time.
There will be no again.
I won’t be there to pick up your pieces.
Drink the poison that you create.
Bring sun to dark skies that surrounds you so well.
Think again, because I know what’s coming.
This will be my victory.
This will be my final rise.