Truth of a life

Now there is a time to write the truth that everyone all ready now.

I’m sofering for bi-polar disorder for last 5 years with no results for now.

Every day it is an adventure for me. I don’t know how will i feel in next 5 minutes, this nightmare is a disaster and never ends.

I find the way to let go so emotions in my heart, I write poems, or maybe I won’t name them that way, I just write what I feel so they like my diarys, now there is a time to some people know what is happening for real.


Something about me?

I’m gay and I’m proud of if! I watched today ‘Angels in America’ I understand the whole truth of a life,how people can be crew and unfair for us. Those people make our life sometimes a nightmare and sometimes a heaven on earth.

This is the blog of Lost and Found, Kamil Szmerdt. If you think you know me , you don’t know me at all. I don’t.

“Cold night.

Lonely dream.

I didn’t sleep in a long time, just resting between next nightmares.

Will I ever forget what happened, will I forget you? Every day is more and more difficult for me to come to live in.

I no longer feel what I felt, but I love. Does this make any sense?

Do not want to go back and be afraid again, but wistfully.

Please do not disappoint me, you’re the one. I know you a long time; I saw your face in my dreams.

I do not know your name, but I believe that someday we will meet.

I need a hero, who will protect, gallium, love.

No longer wish to dream of what never was.

I don’t want to be in love of those memories of the past.

I woke up.

Please love me, just as I will love you someday, I will.

I’m waiting.”


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