Te Amo….

Te Amo….

That song is keep playing in my head, is by Rihanna by the way.
Day like day, it was nice snowing all the time. I felt like home.
My good friend, ex-boyfriend Bob was mean to visit me today but because of the weather whole Ireland I paralyzed. Aww….I miss you bob 🙂
So i had so much time today and like everyday I went to my mum’s for dinner, so later on i decide to make a small video promoting me for Mr. Gay world 2010 you can see it here:


Oh my god , just realizing that it is still snowing, how beautiful is that?
Sorry, just watching Julie&Julia, it inspires me to small plan that I have. I just need to find something which will make me happy, something to do. Blog I already have but something more. I will ask my dad to pay for my gym, I hope he will is like 50e/month but I will have something to do and I love swimming too.
Dear reader if you are somewhere…I hope you have a good time too.


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