There is a chance

Who I was died long time ago.
Look at me now. That was the last time I let go, despaired.
I can’t barely breath when you near, so far now.
I don’t think I could cry again.
Now you so far and I have my life back, understand what went wrong.
After all I’m stronger. You can stay on front of me, you will never break me again.
I can breathe, live like never before.
Look in to my eyes, deep in to my soul where I berried you long time ago.
Can you see you’re gone from my life forever?
No place for you now.
I can feel the sun on my skin.
Memories don’t hurt me anymore.
I know that all we had was a lie.
I know I can love much better and real this time.
Some question will never be answered but it doesn’t make any difference anymore.
Look at me now, I smile.
Look at me now, that the last time you saw me.
Was it a lie?”


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