in a dream

I can still feel your smell on my skin.
Every single second I think about you in my arms.
Love is just a simple word but it opens so many doors to your heart.
When you are away I’m afraid you will never come back,
when we are together I’m afraid that time will go to fast and we won’t have much time left.
Loving you gives me an idea of my simple life, makes it colourful and worth living.
When I fall asleep I say goodnight even if you are not around.
Waking up I see your smile in my mind.
You give me life to my heart,
wake me up from long dream.
I love you,
there is not enough words to describe how strong is it.
Not enough of time to show you.
Someday I might give up and break down but I be there.
Forever yours.


7 thoughts on “in a dream

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