Is like I break inside.
Days are not the same and this love what I was waiting for in not the same anymore.
Thoughts are not the same,
no smile on my face is like fade away piece of paper.
He don’t know how to win my heart ,is that my decision at all?
Tired of pretending everything is ok.
Tired of you thinking you know what love is.
You say: slow down. I say: I’m all ready down to the earth.
I will be all that he want and put myself together because you keep me from falling apart.
I thought I know everything, it comes out I know nothing at all.
Do I love and does he loves me when you’re not here with me?
I be with you forever, whatever that means.
Why I’m still foaling then?
Why we are not the same?
I don’t know how long I keep us from foaling apart.
I will not make it all to be ok, that the work you have to do too.
Broken heart again?
Where we are in this love?
Just Try.


3 thoughts on “try

  1. Ok, next time that there is a repub convention that everyone needs to attend, you'll suggest that just one person fly in and all the others will need alt transportation, right?

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