Lost/in love

Sometimes I just don’t know do I have a relationship or is it just a love game. Maybe is just because we are separate by 3h drive or maybe is just because I don’t feel passion and love from his site. Sometimes I just give up and l want to let it go but my heart say no and I’m still here. So in love and so sad in the same time, maybe is just winter or maybe is something wrong with me.

This time I will be whatever you want me to be
but will you see that in me.
This time I will love you with whole my heart and I won’t look back.
This time I won’t quit
I stay forever to just make sure everything is ok.
Days are passing and my love is missing.
Why you so cold sometimes when I have so much love to give?
Oh why my love you won’t love me like I do?
No words to describe what I’m about to say.
No time long enough to show what I can give.
Love is the answer for everything.
Don’t think just give.
Don’t look back ,
look at us.
Stay longer don’t count the time.
Stay forever,
don’t die alone.
I’m here.
I love you.


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