back to the past. dont look back

I know you are alone,
like me looking for that true love.
I know u tired as I am now.
Full moon and I can’t sleep again,
thinking about those thing that never ware is just an Illusion.
I know you out there waiting for me like I’m waiting for you now.
When this love game ends and we meet again?
Holding on to myself and trying not look back but is hard when you still own a piece of my heard.
I don’t want to feel the pain again, it could kill me right now.
Just disappear that bad dream ,a nightmare form I can’t wake up.
I’m sorry I broke your heart.
I’m sorry I run away but since then I’m in pieces still trying to put myself together.
Please don’t close that door,
please come back and say everything is ok.
It was just a dream.
One life we had,
one love we share.
Now when is gone I better carry on.
I miss you.


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