The one who start the fire.

Sometimes I get this feeling like the whole world just stopped for a second to just let me breath…

I wake up with the smile on my face, I know I will see you soon.
We share a moment, that one time.
Mystery that never be solved.
Secrete that never will see the light.
Why do I think about those times where it was only me and you?
Why do I think you feel the same way too?
Say something, like I miss you.
What’s that game with no winner, why I’m the one who lost it all?
You all I want, the one I dream of.
Cant think straight anymore, you turn my life around.
Wake up the feelings I thought has been gone while ago.
Love, such a strong word many meanings.
Was up in the sky for a while until I hit the ground.
I understand why you and I will never end, it never started.
That moment of life, that mist true my mind, you, the one who start the fire.

I’m still learning, but will I ever understand those feelings that I have somewhere deep?


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