guardian angel

I will be your guardian angel,
love you,
care for you.
When you don’t see me I make sure you will feel it,
the heat around you,
blow of the wind.
When you always think of me I make sure I smile because I know how much you love it.
I will look in to your eyes because I remember how do you always look in to mine.
If I could just stay,
but I can’t my time has come.
I won’t lie,
no games to play.
Is over, just simple goodbye.
Babe you make my life liveable,
you make me shine.
Every second we had I know I have stolen from God.
Every forbidden kiss I know has been given by devil himself.
That why I say no,
I love you so.
I have to go.
I know,
I see there is the one for you out there waiting.
Let him in.


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