121? You are such of wanna be….

It was a time when I thought I was gone.
I though the dark side is the one where I should be.
You have always thought about yourself and everything you did was just to make you happy not me.
You are such of wanna be,
I’m not here to stand and look at it.
I’m well gone from your life and I can see the light.
I can see that lonely do not mean sad,
I’m having such of laugh.
I missed you,
but it was just a shade,
now I blossom and have my life back.
Like I never left.
All those lies believers have fallow you and still do,
I’m sorry not for losing them but for their waist.
Real friends, like the real love stays forever.
Quean do not need to act like one, is just is one.
I won’t waist a tear.


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