Water and Fire

Like water and fire,
like wind and sand.
This mixture can’t cause bring anything good, but then.
Like the night in the middle of the day, disturbance caused.
Sometimes some things need to end to new raise above.
Love and sadness are always coming together,
happy when you here,
miserable when you are gone again.
Every day is a challenge,
new adventure that brings fear and adrenaline to rise.
Two words that normally would never meet,
now living like lovers with constant touch, kiss.
There are days that I wish I never meet you,
there are nights that I wish that the morning would never come.
Maybe we ware build to break out, last .
Defending the past that make us who we are,
two pieces to be able to exist need to be together.
Is all about you and is all about me.
Come and ruin my world so we can build a new one together.
Yes, you!

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