I’m angry because why I always have to be the one to stay still when everything is all over the place.
I’m angry because why I’m the one to smile when everything around falls down.
I have enough of been the strong one that keeps everything together.
I have fallen to pieces and there is no one to pick me up.
Always the questions: What should I do?
Well I’m not here anymore to tell you what to do.
I’m not anymore the one to pick you up when you down,
to smile when you cry and say: Everything will be ok.
I’m hungry of strong love,
I’m hungry of dreams that I let go because you weren’t there to support me.
I have fall down,
broken like a glass,
missing a part to glue it all together.
You loved me and that was enough of me to freeze the time, to protect you from evil.
Now is all gone.
I’m angry because I can’t fix it, not anymore. 

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