Travels of the mind

Sometimes I wonder ,
Are we so far from heaven? 
Sometimes the silence is so laud that overcomes the silence in our minds. 
Sometimes I wonder,
Is there anyone in the world that I could talk to? 
Feeling sad,
feeling blue, 
Feeling lost and lonely. 
All I wish is that I could end that travel, 
Like a broken record that we just can’t get rid of. 
On and on through dangerous waters. 
Mystery of tomorrow frightens me, 
Mystery, will I be still here? 
Will he remember? 
I need to go travel outside our world to just touch they sky, 
See the stars. 
Need to go outside to discover myself and fall in love with myself again. 
Need to go and get lost again, so I could be found. 
Sometimes I wonder, 
Does anyone listen? 
Does anyone care? 
Sometimes we fail with our love, 
Sometimes we lose it all. 
Risk of everything for just a small touch of the moon. 
Just a second, 
Just a look of what life feels like.


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