In the night

It has been a hard month and probably not only for me.
Someone that saved my life one day, lost his the other.
No one is perfect, all it takes is just to be.
You ware there.

In the night,
I know we are alone. 
In the night, 
we have our conversations. 
In the night, 
I wish I had a chance to say goodbye. 
How we cry, 
make each other insane. 
In the night I look up in the sky, looking for your star. 
I’m sorry, I know is hard for me not to cry. 
I just wonder why. 
In the night, 
I lost my words, 
I lost my heart. 
In the night, 
I lost my mind.  
Some stars ware made to die, so others will born and shine forever. 
I lost it. 
In the night. 
Don’t go, just stay for a little while. 
The night is young, lets travel though time. 
If you promise you will stay, I will leave the sun behind. 
In the night, 
I’m afraid what is about to come. 
In the night,
I’m lost without you.


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