Prison of my own

This is how I die, 
unknown by anyone. 
It’s like I don’t belong here. 
It’s like all I ever know was a lie. 
I’m a liar, 
distant dreamer. 
Living in a illusion that stops in my head but never theirs. 
Prisoner of my own mind captured by life. 
Is that all what we became? 
Is that’s all what will be left of us. 
A lie. 
Walking down the stairs of my mind, delusions labyrinth I have found. 
I’m here can you hear me? 
I threw out the key to my heart not letting anyone in. 
I have forget what love is, it’s always ends the same isn’t? 
I don’t believe words that created us. 
I believe the actions that destroyed what we had. 
I chose not to feel. 
I chose not to love. 
I chose to lie instead. 
Let you live in my illusion for a while. 
Until I die 
And even then my illusion will live with you, 
Making you believe I’m still here. 
World of illusion became my prison. 
Prison that I build and I have died in it.


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