Nothing at all

It’s hard to describe: empty, but how you can describe a feeling when you don’t feel nothing at all?

I have give you all my heart.
You don’t belong here.
I have give you all your dreams,
You just threw out all.
There are nights I wished I needed you, but there is nothing I can say.
I build the wall around my heart, just making sure you won’t still it again.
I’m done playing all those games,
It hurts me just to stay here and pretend everything is ok.
I forgot how to dream since you destroyed all I had,
Got me so small.
I have lost every friend I have made,
Maybe no friends ware ever made, at all.
Tonight I just want to forget how you kiss,
How worm is the bed when you next to me.
Tonight I wish I couldn’t feel at all.
It hurts to just have one sense.
Oh God just touch my soul, make it alive again.
What is there to live for when you don’t feel love at all.
What there is to wake up for when the sun is not there.
I give it all,
Now there is nothing at all.
Barely breathing, trying to make some sense of what we had, no more.
You took it all and let me with nothing at all.
It’s nothing, that’s what I have left to say.
No goodbye,
No tomorrow,
No dreams to look up to.
You took it all.


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