Living in the world ruled by you

Today is the day when the love died.
Why do we bother with it at all when doesn’t last that long?
Today I realize that a kiss is just a kiss.
No magic is there at all.
I’m going crazy running around the place, asking questions that I know the answers too.
You hit me like a meteor,
I could not sleep, think, eat.
Without you.
It took some time to wake me up and see the truth.
Now I’m just sitting down and it all become so clear.
Why did I ever bother to love you, when all was just you?
Why did I bother to say: I love you, knowing you only love yourself,
No one else.
I’m having a heart attack but with no heart at all.
I don’t want to wake up in the world when love is all you.
I don’t want to dive in too the deep water knowing I will be eating by sharks like you.
I don’t want to feel you.
So why would I bother at all, with games like you?
Never really saw all those lies and you been around in the world where is just you.
Now I’m just a fool.
I never want you back.
I will never wake up in the world ruled by you.
You want to walk away,
There is the way.
I give you a map.
Just stop!
And Never again I wake up with you in the world that made me believe is true.
I will never miss you, there is no you.
Love is just a word, that we create to hide the silence.
So now is just you.


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