Britney Jean by Britney Spears album stream on-line / leak in full! Review

As it was expected after several leaks from Britney’s new album “Britney Jean”. Team Britney decide to stream the whole album in full on iTunes. and as always when it happens you can expect the whole album to leak for download. ( I won’t provide the links)

After listening to the album, songs are catchy, perfect for the club, house party (Body Ache or Til It’s Gone).
Album it’s good, but…. you can hear straight away that album has been produced by Will.I.Am, sounds bit like B.E.P with Britney’s voice.

Why no one ever think about real Britney?

FACT she definitely had huge influence when co-writing the album and you can here it on Alien, Perfume, Don’t Cry or Passenger.

In every interview she says she is a shy and very private person.
What’s wrong then with the idea of Britney Unplugged
acoustic version with amazing vocals (that I believe she has)?
That’s what real fans of Britney wants. 
More songs like Brightest Morning Star (co-produced  by Sia)

BTW. William Orbit, what the heck did you do the “Alien” song. no auto tune, ya? 
in a Britney’s team words BULLSHIT!! 

How come demo sounds better then final product?
That is the perfect example of over producing.

Enjoy the stream!
Britney if you reading this and truly care about your fans then it’s
time to make some cuts on your team. Trust in yourself. 
Show more of your natural beautiful and unique voice that we all love.

Head on over to iTunes by clicking on the picture above and then to the Britney Spears artist section to listen to the album right now!* 
*US only


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