The sun in your eyes

Keep working on my new book (Blue Lagoon), life is my inspiration.
It’s time to tell the story threw my eyes.

Looking out for the sun, 

looking out for what we could have been. 
Only if I could fallow you, so we will never die. 
There are those little moments when I look in to your eyes. 
There are those unsaid words, I wish I could say, 
how much I have missed you. 
I wish I could read your mind, like you can read my eyes. 
Into the darkness I fallow, I stumble and fall. 
I love you, 
lost it all. 
Is it gone? 
Can you see it too? 
Questions unanswered, 
kisses not given, 
lies that will never be forgiven. 
I’m standing here, waiting for you. 
Sun is nearly gone, can see it now. 
I’m standing in front of you, sun reflects in your eyes. 
Waiting for your move, it burns not to touch you. 
Show you that place, where we be forgiven. 
There was a light, 
there was a darkness.
It’s the past. 
don’t question, 
fallow me. 
I’m here, 
loving you, 
so just let me in.

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