Milky Way

Here we are walking in the sun,
wondering in the park.
Waiting for one world to break us apart.
I want to just run away and kiss your problems away.
I want to know will you fallow me everywhere.
Stop thinking,
you are my shooting start.
Break the darkness,
lets crash on the moon.
Don’t tell me it’s happening too soon,
I want to know your dreams,
how we are when it gets dark?
Lets battle threw the universe, you and me looking for our heart.
There is no time for mistakes,
take me hand,
grab me and kiss me.
You thinking again too much, missing out our path.
Now I’m crying on my own,
you left me behind once again.
You ware my shooting star,
now is only me and I,
lost in the dark.
Here we go again, travelling thru Milky Way of my heart.
Looking for that one special star that will shine till we both burn out.


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