For what ever reason you came into my life I am begging you to stop haunting me.
Every hour the noise is getting stronger in my head.
Every whisper is getting lauder.
Everyday I’m looking on the ruins of our life, no chance to move on to be stronger then your spell.
I have been high, now I’m lonely.
When your voice caused me pain, your actions ripped me apart.
For what ever reason you have decided to ruin my life, I’m begging you to stop whispering.
You see me struggle for days now,
every hour falling deeper into those even more darker dreams.
For what ever reason,
out of boredom,
lack of heart,
stop whispering!
I am human,
I have feeling too.
But when the noise is getting lauder, your whisper is even more hurting me.
I don’t know why I’m even listening.


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