The Chain

I was bullied a lot in my teenage years and every day I though it will stop. Well it doesn’t really stop. It gets better as the bullied gets stronger, so I got stronger.
Why people are doing this? We will never know.
The only thing we can do is to speak up. I would never want anyone one to go threw the stuff I have.
Make a change, start with yourself.

I’m living, quietly bleeding,
hurting inside, so alone, won’t show it till I’m gone.
Only if they knew my pain, buried deep inside,
like a chain dragging me down,
like a night that never saw the light.
I’m bleeding, I would not call it the living, it’s more like internal bleeding.
I was dreaming,
now I’m screaming.
This is the chase and I’m not winning.
People are falling, no one has notice a thing.
I have been called stupid,
I have been called a fag.
Nothing will surprise me anymore, but then.
Everyone watched them making their hits,
I have been weak,
hide so they won’t see my pain.
This chain has pulled me down.
I have been wondering around, there isn’t a place that I could call home.
I have been in love till my heart screamed stop!
What I do, to hide the pain?
I smile, saying it’s ok.
I bleed from my scars, you have seen nothing until you get lost in the dark.
I hope that the hope will last,
what will happen if they,
the past take over my last.
Will I give up?
Never know,
what is that behind those locked door?
Maybe this is just another chain.
Maybe this is the change.


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