I ran

I run,
I run from my thoughts that you could hurt me.
I run away so you will never break my heart.
Even tho I said I love you,
even tho I needed you.
I run away to face my darkest thoughts.
I can’t fight for you,
I can’t let you know that I need you.
I have forgotten how much you have hurt me.
I have forgotten all the magic, told myself I don’t love you.
I have stolen your heart,
you have driven my mind insane,
I fallen down, so I run.
I couldn’t face you, so I run.
Forgive me,
like I have forgiven you for loving me, and walking away so easy.
Are you alone, or with someone?
I just need to talk, it’s been too long.
I ran for too long.
Where did you go?
Have you looked for me, or we are back to playing the silent game?
You could have given me everything, I got nothing.
I wish I was different then but, now is now.
I ran.
Now I’m here.
Tell me everything.


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