Loosing my senses

I saw that spark in your eyes.
I felt that fire burning me from the inside out.
I heard your whisper calming me down at night.
I could still smell your perfume in the morning.
Your touch still lingers on me.
Your love is bigger than I could ever dream off.
There is that something in your eyes.
I’m losing my control, when you smile.
I’m losing the track of time, when I think of you.
I think I have said too much.
The love,
it’s bigger when he is just looking at me.
Maybe I just didn’t said enough.
I turn around and I think I saw him, heard him laughing.
It’s like I’m losing my ground, all the senses drives me mad.
Don’t let me wake up, even if this is just a dream.
I want all the things and more with you.
Maybe it’s just too much, or not enough.
But I just a thought,
no it’s just the wind whispers.


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