Million Lies

You have made this mess by yourself.
Walked out on us a million times.
Looked for someone better on the other side.
I remember that day when you said there are no more lies, yet here we are again.
You abounded our house, this family from the start.
When you looked into my eyes and lied that how this love have died.
Don’t look at me trying to make things right.
That game you have played has come to an end.
There will be no more lies, I won’t keep us alive.
I pushed you and support you threw all the times,
loved you,
all I got was lies.
That moment has come, when I need my space and it’s time for you to move out.
Leave me alone,
forget about all the lies, fake smiles.
It’s time for me to be happy and forget about you.
So get away from me, run to him.
Maybe he will believe another lie.
Not me, not anymore.


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