My heart is alive now.

There is a fault in my head, that I like to believe makes me see the things people no longer believe in.
It’s making me love, believe in all the good.
That was then.
Everyone thinks I’m long dead now, could not have been more alive.
I have traveled the world,
walked the streets,
sometimes it felt like I’m all alone.
I have covered my head, closed my heart, make them cry and go.
There was a patch I was scared to see,
there was a love that I was scared to fell.
It’s all in the past now.
This is now.
My heart is alive,
making me smile,
making me sing.
I walk in the light, not hiding in the dark.
I’m open for love, not hiding in the shadows.
Like the old Hollywood making romance the new now.
My heart is alive now.


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