An open door

I woke in an empty bed,
I couldn’t move and no place to call home.
I woke up thinking was the love I have is no more.
I looked outside the window and I have started the storm.
No more silent tears,
I have been broken down now I’m alive, more connected.
You can say that I won’t make in this big big world but I’m not scared anymore.
I’m more alive that I have been ever before.
I’m running no more, facing every day with the smile that I missed for so long.
I was unsure that love could be an open door,
that happiness is not only a fairy tale that no one beehives no more.
You are my last hope,
my strength.
I’m no longer invisible,
critical laying on the floor,
push around like I don’t matter at all.
Now I’m someone who can see the sun,
always somewhere an open door.
Where to now?


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