If you let me be with you

I was still bleeding when I meet you.
I took a shot, a random chance.
I fallow the blood line on the floor.
I looked at you and you stood still,
what was I thinking running away with you.
There was sunlight now there is nothing with you.
I was still dreaming and then I felt the blade going through my heart.
What was I thinking trusting you,
following you to unknown and now is just you,
me behind you trying to catch my breath.
There is no moon light,
just blank and dark space.
I took the gun shot to my head,
but somehow I’m not dead.
There is so many questions when I’m with you,
scary the unknown,
can’t find the meaning of it all.
If you trust me I bring the sun light on our face.
If you trust me there will be no more blood fallowing us till we are dead.
I will bring the moon light and the stars.
Only if you lift your head and look at me,
touch my bleeding heart and just let me be with you.
Stop the bleeding and just let go and let me be with you and I be with you too.
Loving been with you.
Will you be loving me too?


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