Game of Three, Three, Three

Even in a thick fog,
in the empty silence.
I can hear you,
how you calling my name.
I don’t want to be alone.
Show me how to love you.
Yes, it’s me, me, me.
I’m the one who feels the pain, pain, pain.
In this dark morning I’m looking for you, you, you.
Show me your face, stop hiding and end this game.
I will be still searching you, till you come here.
I’m here, here, here.
Even when this is hurting me, when you are not calling my me, just his.
I be waiting till you start loving me.
In the golden cage, like a bird that can’t fly.
I will sing till you remind yourself of me.
All night and all day, till you surrender to me.
I break this glass ball in to two, two, two.
The darkness won’t take the whole of me.
I still hear your voice in my head,
it’s him, him, him.
The one who feels the pain, pain, pain.
Again we are playing that charade.
The one, when I’m lost looking for you.
Are you looking for me too?
Where are you?
I’m here, here, here.
Now you look for me, just like I searched for you too,
in the dark,
in the fog,
in the locked golden cage.
You are there not me, me.
I will be waiting here.
Why you are still there screaming: it’s you, you, you.
The one who broke my heart.
The one who was afraid to love, love, love.
The one who felt guilty.
Why are we playing this game?
Why I’m not yours and you are not mine?
You know how much I love you, so there should be just us two, two.
The rest could be a history.
Two till the end.
Not three, three, three.
It’s only you and me, so come here and love me too.
I will love you.
End this game of three, three, three.
Just we.
Just me and no delirium, so we can be free.


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