Just let me down.

If those things you say are true,
then I walk around the world till you change your mind and get back on my knees.
If you are not the one for me,
then I rather be unhappy than lonely.
I hate the idea of been free,
so start holding me the way lovers’ doo.
It’s so cold out here,
in our little love nest.
I want you to keep up and stop been so reckless.
If you walk away with him,
then I fallow you till you understand that I’m the one who’s loving you much more.
Tell me who was there when no one was listening?
Tell me who was there when dreams came crashing down?
If you will walk away that door,
go quickly.
If you say that you don’t love me,
say it quietly.
Just let me down and walk away quickly.
I will love one day more than your imagination can reach.
It those dreams are true, then I’m alone out here.
But that’s just all water under the bridge.


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